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Actian DataFlow 6.8.0

Windows download which bundles Knime 3.7.1 and DataFlow 6.8.0-1

actian-dataflow-knime-6.8.0-1-win.x86_64_eval.zip (1.09 GB)

If Knime 3.7.1 is already installed you can download DataFlow 6.8.0-1 site repository zip and install via Knime's site repository installation mechanism.

If you have a pre 6.6.0 install you will need to ensure you are using Knime 3.7.1

com.actian.dataflow.site-6.8.0-1-site_eval.zip (589 MB)

This zip contains DataFlow technology which allows your workflows to be run on a cluster of windows machines and/or run equivalent workflows written in Java or RushScript.

actian-dataflow-6.8.0-1_eval.zip (860 MB)

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