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Actian DataFlow provides a visual end-to-end solution for data preparation, analytics development, and execution on Hadoop. An embedded dataflow engine delivers auto-scaling and parallelism, processing data natively on Hadoop. Actian DataFlow offers a robust range of capabilities for everyone from business analysts to data scientists:

- Create workflows to read and pull together data from all your sources.
- Use prebuilt data preparation and analytics operators already optimized for parallel execution.
- Prepare the data, analyze it, and output it to the visualization tool of your choice.
- Build end-to-end analytics workflows in KNIME.

Actian DataFlow 6.5.4

Actian DataFlow 6.5.4 Documentation | Release | Documentation

DataFlow 6.5.4 Enterprise Edition | Release | Linux x86 64-bit

DataFlow 6.5.4 Enterprise Edition | Release | Windows 64-Bit

DataFlow 6.5.4 Patch | Patch | Linux x86 64-bit

DataFlow 6.5.4 Patch | Patch | Windows 64-Bit

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