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Actian DataFlow 6.6.1

This full-featured version of Actian DataFlow is available for you to use to determine whether the product matches your needs and to develop applications which take advantage of this breakthrough technology. Please check back regularly for new releases.

Actian DataFlow Evaluation Edition installation requires a license key. Please send an email to eval@actian.com to request a key.
Windows download which bundles Knime 3.1.1 and DataFlow 6.6.1-17

actian-dataflow-knime-6.6.1-17-win.x86_64_eval.zip (805 MB)

If Knime 3.1.1 is already installed you can download DataFlow 6.6.1-17 site repository zip and install via Knime's site repository installation mechanism.

If you have a pre 6.6.0 install you will need to ensure you are using Knime 3.1.1

com.actian.dataflow.site-6.6.1-17-site_eval.zip (517 MB)

This zip contains DataFlow technology which allows your workflows to be run on a cluster of windows machines and/or run equivalent workflows written in Java or RushScript.

actian-dataflow-6.6.1-17_eval.zip (724 MB)

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