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Here you can download community projects, documentation, database drivers, patches, and enterprise products and their betas. Enterprise editions are subject to your signed software license agreement from Actian or (if none) the license included with the product. Enterprise Evaluation editions are typically available for 30 day trial use.

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Featured Downloads

Featured Download

DataConnect 11.5

Actian DataConnect is a hybrid integration solution that enables you to quickly and easily design, deploy, and manage integrations on premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments with no limits on data types or volumes. With its emphasis on reuse and adaptability, DataConnect is engineered to help you cost-effectively integrate diverse data and applications from numerous endpoints.

Featured Download

Actian Zen v14 (PSQL v14)

Actian Zen Embedded Database – Zero management, Embedded, Nano footprint database designed for developers and data-drive device manufacturers. Actian Zen provides a new Client Reporting Engine - The new 64-bit reporting engine enables customers to run SQL queries against client cache and offload large reporting workloads to a separate machine, reducing the impact on the main server engine.

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Vector 5.1

Actian Vector is a relational database engine designed for high performance analytics. Actian Vector was designed from the ground up to exploit performance features in today’s x86 CPUs such as vectorization and larger chip caches enabling in-chip analytics. Actian Vector’s record breaking speed delivers results faster than any of its competitors.

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Actian X 11

Actian X 11, formerly known as Ingres 11, includes the record breaking analytic engine from Actian’s Vector to enable a new class of applications that can mix OLTP and analytic queries, with each query being directed to the appropriate execution engine. Actian X also includes two significant additions for application integration and monitoring. DataConnect for Actian X provides an end-to-end solution for designing, deploying and managing data integration, and the Actian Enterprise Monitoring Appliance (EMA) can use Nagios compatible plug-ins now in Actian X to monitor Ingres environments. Actian X also contains many new geospatial, performance, ease-of-use and security features. A few of the highlights are: ArcGIS plug-in, query optimizer reuse heuristics, automatic log file rotation, IANA timezones, Y2K38 fix, blob encryption and AES password encryption.

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OpenROAD 6.2

Developers using OpenROAD 6.2 will find a much improved platform that can easily restyle existing applications, extend and customize business objects, field types, and frame types, and add new field and frame behaviors (like pulsing) that either required a lot of code or simply weren’t feasible before. Coding is simpler and more comprehensive. New user class and display generators allow developers to leverage the tremendous amount of information stored in a typical enterprise database when developing end-user facilities involving interconnected business objects. OpenROAD 6.2 also includes Loadnrun, a big step forward in making it simple to deploy OpenROAD applications.

Featured Download

Actian NoSQL Database 9

Actian NoSQL object technology enables software developers to handle database requirements for extremely complex object models with ease and is used by the world’s largest companies for applications with very large scale data management requirements. Actian NoSQL doesn’t need mapping code to store or retrieve objects, so schema modifications can be handled without application downtime. Fault tolerance, synchronous and asynchronous replication, high availability and excellent scalability make Actian NoSQL ready for the enterprise.

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