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Actian Ingres 9.2

In this section you will find downloads for Ingres Database enterprise editions. The latest versions of these are available for 30 days evaluation.

Community editions of Ingres Database are available here.

Ingres 9.2 continues to reduce the complexity, time, database administrator (DBA) skills and cost associated with database management by helping to eliminate, simplify and automate many tasks traditionally associated with maintaining an enterprise-class database.

Ingres 9.2 is an update focused on providing a flexible, easy to use platform optimized for the Java development of multi-language applications. In addition, new features improve the availability and supportability of Ingres as well as support for the UTF-8 character set and support for unicode upper and lower case characters. Upgrading from previous releases of Ingres is a simple, highly automated task.

This release is available under an evaluation license agreement included with the product.

For Tru64 5.1b

This release is subject to your signed software license agreement from Actian or (if none) the license included with the product.

ingres-9.2.1-103-eval-hp-tru64-5.1.tar (107 MB)

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