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HVR 5.2.1

HVR_5.2.1 | Release

When upgrading to HVR 5.2.1, if HVR must perform log-based capture from Ingres then a trusted executable must be created so it can read from the Ingres logging system. Perform the following steps while logged in as the DBMS owner (usually ingres):

cp bin/hvr sbin/hvr_ingres
chmod 4755 sbin/hvr_ingres

Additionally, on Linux the trusted executable needs to be patched using

$HVR_HOME/lib/patchelf --set-rpath $HVR_HOME/lib --force-rpath $HVR_HOME/sbin/hvr_ingres

This is also documented in KB000193294.
This release is subject to your signed software license agreement from Actian or (if none) the license included with the product.

hvr-5.2.1_2.2-solaris_10-sparcv9-64bit.tar.gz (52 MB)

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