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Actian X 11.1

The Actian X Hybrid Database includes the record breaking analytic engine from Actian’s Vector to enable a new class of applications that can mix OLTP and analytic queries, with each query being directed to the appropriate execution engine. Actian X also includes two significant additions for application integration and monitoring. DataConnect for Actian X provides an end-to-end solution for designing, deploying and managing data integration, and the Actian Enterprise Monitoring Appliance (EMA) can use Nagios compatible plug-ins now in Actian X to monitor Ingres environments.

Actian X also contains many new geospatial, performance, ease-of-use and security features. Actian X 11.1 introduces Hybrid Join Support, JSON support, data masking for sensitive data, partition management, pivot tables and support for listagg() among other changes.

Actian X 11.1 documentation in a complete zipped set of PDFs
Updated June 3, 2020

This release is subject to your signed software license agreement from Actian or (if none) the license included with the product. (29 MB)
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