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OpenROAD is a rapid application development solution. With OpenROAD, developers can quickly build and deploy sophisticated high performance and high availability business applications on a variety of platforms, accessing a broad range of data sources. As a result you can react to business changes faster and protect your investment in existing mainframe and client server data and applications.

OpenROAD is a complete solution that includes a component-based integrated development environment (IDE) delivering all the benefits associated with object-oriented development and a runtime infrastructure to deploy distributed multi-tier applications.

Actian OpenROAD 6.0

Businesses now are required to comply with standards and integrate Unicode-based technologies such as Java. Today’s applications must support different character encodings like ASCII, Latin-1, Windows 1252 or UTF-8. Most encodings can represent only a few languages, but UTF-8 handles any language, including Chinese, French and Arabic.

OpenROAD 6.0, available only on Windows, enables OpenROAD developers to enhance their applications to meet these new business requirements. The functionality provided with OpenROAD 6.0 will be available on UNIX/Linux in OpenROAD 6.2.

OpenROAD 6.0.2 Patches | Patch | Windows 32-Bit

OpenROAD 6.0 Documentation | Release | Documentation

OpenROAD 6.0.2 Enterprise Edition | Release | Windows 32-Bit

OpenROAD 6.0.1 Enterprise Edition | Release | Windows 32-Bit

OpenROAD 6.0.0 Enterprise Edition | Release | Windows 32-Bit

OpenROAD 6.0.2 Loadnrun | Release | Windows 32-Bit

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