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Actian DataFlow provides a visual end-to-end solution for data preparation, analytics development, and execution on Hadoop. An embedded dataflow engine delivers auto-scaling and parallelism, processing data natively on Hadoop. Actian DataFlow offers a robust range of capabilities for everyone from business analysts to data scientists:

- Create workflows to read and pull together data from all your sources.
- Use prebuilt data preparation and analytics operators already optimized for parallel execution.
- Prepare the data, analyze it, and output it to the visualization tool of your choice.
- Build end-to-end analytics workflows in KNIME.

Actian DataFlow 6.8.0

Actian DataFlow 6.7.0

Actian DataFlow 6.6.1

Actian DataFlow 6.6.0

Actian DataFlow 6.5.4

Actian DataFlow 6.5.3

Actian DataFlow 6.5.2

Actian DataFlow 6.5.1

Actian DataFlow 6.5.0

Actian DataFlow 6.4.0

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