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Actian NoSQL FastObjects 11.0

Actian NoSQL FastObjects 11 is not the current major release. Please update to Actian NoSQL FastObjects 12.

Service Packs for Actian NoSQL FastObjects 11.0 can be applied to an installed product only. For initial installation please refer to the Release Download section or the FastObjects PDN Download Section.

Each Service Pack contains a cumulative set of fixes produced since the last Service Pack or Release, whichever is the later, and hence includes all fixes previously issued. It can only be applied on to that specific version (e.g. 11.0). The Service Packs are fully supported by Actian and have undergone the full QA test cycle.

These Service Packs are only available to clients with a valid FastObjects Maintenance or Support contract.
The latest Change History for Actian NoSQL FastObjects 11.0

ChangeHistory_FastObjects_t7_11.0.pdf (566 KB)

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