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Actian Ingres Licensing Utilities

Licensing Utilities | Release | Actian Ingres

Actian Ingres 10.2

Ingres 10.2 is the latest version of the Ingres Database, an enterprise database. This release contains enhancements that will enable internationalization of customer applications allowing customers and partners to address new markets. With improved performance and reduced configuration overheads application development has never been easier. Users can also take their first steps into Big Data Analytics by applying the new Windowing functions to their existing transactional data.

New features include 2-D, 3-D and 4-D Spatial Data Types, Remote GCA, UTF-8 Transliteration, DBMS Level Authentication, IPV4 and IPV6 Data Types and Functions and Per-query Parallelism Level.

Ingres 10.2 Patches | Patch | Actian Ingres

Ingres 10.2 Upgrade Patches | Release | Actian Ingres

Actian NoSQL FastObjects 9.5

Actian NoSQL FastObjects 9.5 reached its end of life. Please update to Actian NoSQL FastObjects 12.

Actian NoSQL FastObjects 9.5 Service Packs | Service Pack | Actian NoSQL FastObjects

Actian NoSQL Database

Support for Actian NoSQL Database 7 (VOD 7) ended officially February 1, 2012.

Actian NoSQL Database Patches | Patch | Actian NoSQL Database

Actian Ingres 10S

Ingres 10S is the all-in-one database for collecting, analyzing and sharing spatial and business data. Ingres 10S includes comprehensive spatial support, allowing you to extend location-based data through spatial-aware applications.

Ingres 10S comes complete with spatial functionality which means no more complex add-ons and integrations with other databases, and no need to pay extra to access Ingres 10S geospatial features. Enjoy industry-leading, 24x7 mission-critical support for managing spatial and business data with and geographic-aware applications.

Ingres 10S Patches | Patch | Actian Ingres

Ingres 10S Upgrade Patches | Release | Actian Ingres

Actian OpenROAD 5.1

The OpenROAD 5.1 release delivers general-purpose system classes for XML support, to allow creation and parsing of arbitrary XML documents without the need to use 3GL Procedures or External Class Libraries. It provides a new XML based export file format that is documented, human readable, produces clean differences between different revisions of a OpenROAD 4GL source files, allow changes to be merged, and allow OpenROAD source assets to be managed by many different Software Configuration Management (SCM) systems. This release of OpenROAD continues to extend the powerful capabilities of the product for the developer.

OpenROAD 5.1 Patches | Patch | Actian OpenROAD

OpenROAD 5.1 Service Pack 1 Enterprise Edition | Service Pack | Actian OpenROAD

OpenROAD 5.1 Service Pack 1 Evaluation Edition | Service Pack | Actian OpenROAD

OpenROAD 5.1 Enterprise Edition | Release | Actian OpenROAD

Actian Ingres 10.0

Ingres 10 is the latest version of the Ingres Database, an enterprise open source database. The release contains a number of major enhancements that will minimize application development time when migrating applications from other databases to Ingres. New features include support for multi-version concurrency control (MVCC), high-performing batched statement execution, full scalar subquery support, support for identifiers up to 256 characters long, and column-level data encryption. The release supports an automated, seamless migration from earlier versions of Ingres.

Ingres 10.0 Patches | Patch | Actian Ingres

Ingres 10.0 Enterprise Edition | Release | Actian Ingres

Actian EDBC 2.3

EDBC 2.3 Service Pack 4 | Release | Actian EDBC

Actian Ingres 9.2

In this section you will find downloads for Ingres Database enterprise editions. The latest versions of these are available for 30 days evaluation.

Community editions of Ingres Database are available here.

Ingres 9.2 Patches | Patch | Actian Ingres

Ingres 9.2 Service Pack 4 Patches | Patch | Actian Ingres

Actian OpenROAD 2006

The OpenROAD 2006 release delivers all the capabilities of OpenROAD with significant advances for the development and deployment processes. This release of OpenROAD extends the powerful capabilities of the product to deliver even greater developer productivity and a wider range of deployment options.

In this section you will find downloads for the enterprise edition.

OpenROAD 2006 Service Pack 1 Patches | Patch | Actian OpenROAD

Actian Enterprise Access 2.6

Enterprise Access 2.6 | Release | Actian Enterprise Access

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