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Actian Vector 4.2

This full-featured version of Actian Vector is available for you to use to determine whether the product matches your needs and to develop applications which take advantage of this breakthrough technology.

Vector 4.2.3 includes the following new features:
● Spark-Vector Connector, which lets you interact with a Vector database using Apache Spark.
Download: http://esd.actian.com/product/drivers.
Documentation: https://github.com/ActianCorp/spark-vector/tree/0.1.x
● Spark-Vector Loader, a command line client utility that lets you load CSV, Parquet, and ORC files through Spark into Vector, using the Spark-Vector Connector.
● Per query profile files can be written to a specified directory.
● WITH [NO]MINMAX option on CREATE TABLE lets you create min-max indexes on a subset of columns.
actian-vector-4.2.3-249-eval-win-x86_64.zip (181 MB)

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