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Actian Electronic Software Distribution

Here you can download community projects, documentation, database drivers, patches, and enterprise products and their betas. Enterprise editions are subject to your signed software license agreement from Actian or (if none) the license included with the product. Enterprise Evaluation editions are typically available for 30 day trial use.

Featured Downloads

Featured Download

Actian Matrix™ (PADB) 5.0.1

Actian Matrix™ (formerly PADB) designed to handle the broadest spectrum of analytic workloads. Its massively parallel, columnar, compressed, compiled approach delivers breathtaking performance. Unmatched built-in algorithms, in-database analytics, load capacity and sheer processing power culminate in the fastest analytic engine on the planet.

Featured Download

Actian Vector™ 3.5

Actian Vector™ is a revolutionary analytics database that delivers unmatched performance and price / performance ‐ yet requires less hardware and virtually no database tuning.

Featured Download

Ingres 10S

Ingres is an enterprise-grade open source database management system designed to reduce IT costs and time-to-value.

Featured Download

Versant 8.0.2

Our flagship object oriented database system and a major upgrade from its predecessor, VOD 7.

Featured Download

OpenROAD 6.0

Check out the latest version of OpenROAD, a leading rapid application development solution.

Featured Download

Actian Director™ 1.2

Actian Director™ is an easy-to-use graphical interface that lets you interact with Ingres and Actian Vector™ installations.


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