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Ingres 10S

Ingres 10S is the all-in-one database for collecting, analyzing and sharing spatial and business data. Ingres 10S includes comprehensive spatial support, allowing you to extend location-based data through spatial-aware applications.

Ingres 10S comes complete with spatial functionality which means no more complex add-ons and integrations with other databases, and no need to pay extra to access Ingres 10S geospatial features. Enjoy industry-leading, 24x7 mission-critical support for managing spatial and business data with and geographic-aware applications.

Ingres 10S documentation in an installable package for Windows

ingres-10.1.0-126-com-win-x86-Doc.zip (50 MB)
MD5: d129992642361a3cf897eddb446f1d8c

Ingres 10S SP1 documentation in an installable package for Windows 64-bit

ingres-10S-SP1-100-com-win-x86_64-Doc.zip (51 MB)
MD5: 7c4dcb3de3cf0d27f730b9a32f329fbf

Ingres 10S documentation in an installable package for Linux

ingres-documentation-10.1.0-126.x86_64.rpm (50 MB)
MD5: 69f91098d062640792605ceb1c23bceb

Ingres 10S GA documentation in a complete zipped set of PDFs
Updated February 25, 2013

ing10sdocs.zip (50 MB)
MD5: 9c99d0e78fc0b146dbf0ff906e93a751

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