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Actian DataConnectâ„¢ (formerly Data Integrator) is a robust enterprise data integration software solution that enables you to quickly build powerful and frictionless connections between any kind of data source and application.

Actian DataConnect Schemas

Document schemas

Schemas | Release | DataConnect 10

Actian DataConnect 10.4

DataConnect 10.4 | Release | Linux X86 64-bit

DataConnect 10.4 | Release | Windows 64-Bit

Actian DataConnect Connectivity

Connectors, components, and template plug-ins for DataConnect (and Data Integrator)

Connectivity | Release | Data Integrator 9

Connectivity | Release | DataConnect 10

Actian DataConnect 9.2

Pervasive Data Integrator

Data Integrator | Release | Windows 64-Bit

Data Integrator | Release | Windows 32-Bit

Data Integrator | Release | IBM AIX

Data Integrator | Release | Linux 32-Bit

Data Integrator | Release | Linux X86 64-bit

Actian DataConnect 10.2

Actian's world class, enterprise integration solution (formerly known as Pervasive Data Integrator)

DataConnect | Release | Windows 64-Bit

DataConnect | Release | Linux X86 64-bit

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