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Empire stands for the Enhanced Multi-Platform Interpreted Runtime Engine and is the open source version of the commercial OpenROAD Development product.

Empire provides open source developers with tools needed to quickly build and deploy sophisticated high performance and high availability business applications on a variety of platforms, accessing a broad range of data sources through Enterprise Access, EDBC and the Ingres DBMS.

SCPs in OpenROAD Evaluator (SCORE) is a low performance impact, non-intrusive tool which can be included in any existing OpenROAD Server application to gather SCP performance statistics. SCORE records the SCP name, start time, end time, execution time in milliseconds and the name of the application from which the call originated.

The SCORE Analysis Tool enables you to graphically display the data collected based on search criteria. Problem areas can be drilled into for more detailed analysis. The SCORE Analysis Tool is intended as an example of the type of graphical display that can be produced from a set of standard output files generated by SCORE.
SCORE_1-0-1.zip (2 MB)

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