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Actian Vector in Hadoop bundle

The Actian Vector in Hadoop (VectorH) bundle (formerly known as Vortex) provides high performance analytics directly on Hadoop at the speed and scale needed to help your organization transform big data into business value.
It is bundled with DataFlow for Hadoop which is technology that contains "Cluster Manager" and a DataFlow engine to run Knime workflows on Hadoop clusters and/or run equivalent workflows written in Java or RushScript.

The Vector Client (formerly known as the Vortex Client) is an easy to use Windows Client with Dataflow, Director and Client runtimes to connect with your Vector in Hadoop server.
Several easy to use demos are included in this package.

This release is subject to your signed software license agreement from Actian or (if none) the license included with the product.

vortex_client-4.2.2-320-win-x86_64.zip (557 MB)

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